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At W.B. Engineers, we strive to provide Spare Parts with genuine customer care and high Service Rate.

The company's main Spare Parts Depot is located in Pune with logistical support provided by the head office. The Spare Parts Depots are also strategically located in Joda in the East and Hospet in the West.

Our Spare Parts Inventories make up over 1000 line items and include all essential and critical parts required to ensure minimum down-time of the machines.


We offer you equipment on long term lease which ensures that your capital is not tied up in equipment and can be used more beneficially for other opportunities such as business development, inventory control and personnel.

By selecting a lease term that closely matches the project duration, leasing is a good way to acquire the latest equipment without having to keep it when that project is complete. Then, enter another lease on new equipment for the next project. This way you will be able to maintain a competitive edge by using the most advanced equipment best suited for your job requirements.

At the end of the lease you may choose to purchase your equipment, upgrade it, continue to lease it or if you are done with the equipment, return it to us.


This helps you in minimising the maintenance and operation costs with minimum down-time of your equipment by planned and proper periodic maintenance.

Attention by skilled and factory trained technicians who will attend to your equipment, suggest timely remedial measures and recommend suitable spare parts to be procured, if any. This will help you in proper maintenance of your equipment at minimal cost thus increasing your productivity and machine availaibility.


This unique concept is catching up with contracting and mining companies who want to focus on their core business and not get bogged down with operation and maintenance of the equipment.

You purchase the equipment from us and we will operate and maintain the equipment for you with our specialised trained crew. You have the option to pay on an hourly basis for use of the equipment or on the basis of input feed per ton.

Please Note:

  • W.B. Engineers has a network of regional offices, spareparts-warehouses and service centres strategically located nation-wide.
  • W. B. Engineers maintains an adequate inventory of all fast moving and essential spare parts and also advises clients on optimum inventory levels to be maintained by them.
  • W. B. Engineers provides the most prompt and efficient after-sales service and guarantees a Rapid Service Response to ensure Minimum Downtime and Maximum Availability of the equipment at all times.
  • Our Engineers and technicians are trained by the Technical Experts from the factory and provide the most professional service for high customer satisfaction levels, in line with our corporate philosophy of excellence.
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