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The Finlay Siltmaster system has been designed using the latest advancements in flocculent technology to remove silt from waste water which is produced as a result of sand washing.

Previously the silt was allowed to flow with the waste water to large settling ponds where it would gravitate out. The silt was then dredged using draglines etc. every few weeks. This method in many cases has proved to be inefficient and results in material handling problems with high labour costs.

The Finlay siltmaster with the aid of a flocculent now allows the continuous removal of this silt from waste water.

Standard Features
  • No settling ponds required.
  • Less freshwater consumption.
  • Elimanates risk of environmental damage due to silt contamination.
  • Eliminates use for draglines.
  • Gives a more compact, manageable plant.
  • Produces a manageable silt product.
  • Lower investment and running costs than comparable systems.

More Pictures
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SM45 Operating
in Conjunction with
Floculant Unit

Discharging into
Silt Bay
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